ONE QUESTION: The Full Vermonty

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Hypertext Magazine asked Bill Mares, co-author (with Jeff Danziger) of The Full Vermonty, “What question do you wish you’d been asked about your work?”

By Bill Mares

QUESTION:  What did Vermont’s Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin and Republican Governor-Elect Phil Scott jointly say in response to Donald Trump’s election?

Peter Shumlin’s & Phil Scott’s joint response:

At this time of national discord, Vermont can present a united voice urging compassion, commitment to community, and fierce dedication to equal rights and justice. The example we set for the nation can help guide us forward through this turbulent time.

Vermont’s reservoir of goodwill is deep and our national leadership well documented. Our history is of being first to stand up for equality, inclusiveness, and tolerance is well known. . . .

Vermonters know how to weather the storms. When times are toughest, we always come together to focus on what’s important—each other.

Together, we’ll defend the rights and freedoms of all; set an example for the nation to follow; and stand united in our commitment to move forward. The nation is counting on us to do our part—and we will.

QUESTION:  And that inspired you to write this book?

ANSWER:  Well that, and I was so incensed by Trump’s election happening on my birthday, that I went out and collected a literary and artistic posse of Vermonters to fight back with pens and pixels to thump the Trump––hard.



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